FR ban haut equitation

Merci !

Et voila ...... caval'kite .... fermeture officielle... !!!
Merci pour ces 5 annees de bonheur ....!!!
Merci a tous pour cette belle histoire !!!
Caval'kite c'était vous, c'était nous, 

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Practical Information

Since 1994, the currency in Brazil is the Brazilian real (plural form is reais).

The real is based on 100 cents.  Its international code is BRL.  And it is usually written as R$.

The current exchange rate is (we update this information regularly but we invite you to verify the daily rate):

1 BRL = 

Fortaleza is ahead of Paris by 4 hours in the winter and 5 hours in the summer as there is no Daylight Savings Time.

Portuguese is the official language since 1988.  Even though Portuguese is spoken by practically the
entire population, there exists over a 100 different indigenous languages as well as other European languages spoken by immigrants.  Brazilian Portuguese doesn’t vary much from Portuguese, only in certain expressions, accents or local particularities.  



Major national and international airlines service Fortaleza.
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It’s then a 1½ hours’ drive from Fortaleza to Fortim.
The most often used airline for Europeans is TAP Portugal with a departure from Lisbonne.  Two suitcases of no more than 32 kg are allowed at no additional charge.
To join us:
By Bus:  From the bus station in Fortaleza, buses will take you to Fortim where we will then come pick you up.  The bus company is SAO BENDITO.
By Taxi:  Prices vary from R$250 – R$350.  Please contact us if you would like to take a taxi, we’d be happy to reserve one for you.