FR ban haut equitation

Merci !

Et voila ...... caval'kite .... fermeture officielle... !!!
Merci pour ces 5 annees de bonheur ....!!!
Merci a tous pour cette belle histoire !!!
Caval'kite c'était vous, c'était nous, 

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365 days a year of sun, Pontal Do Maceio is considered a gem on the eastern Ceara coast.  The village welcomes tourists as it combines traditional activities within an inviting and typical infrastructure. 

Breathe in its fresh air, renown as being the purest in the world.  Bask in its pleasant year-round temperatures of 77° and 92° F (25°-33° C). And let the winds take you kitesurfing!

Situated 1½ hours from Fortaleza, you’ll be amazed by this authentic fishing village.

With a number of typical restaurants offering regional and international dishes, indulge your taste buds with the day’s fresh catch.

Add tempo to your vacation while taking in local festivals and markets.