Fr ban haut bar

Merci !

Et voila ...... caval'kite .... fermeture officielle... !!!
Merci pour ces 5 annees de bonheur ....!!!
Merci a tous pour cette belle histoire !!!
Caval'kite c'était vous, c'était nous, 

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While facing the ocean bathed in sunlight or swaddled in moonlight with the sound of the waves all around you, you’ll want to come for:
  1. Music and dancing
  2. Evenings with friends
  3. Special family moments
Mojito (cocktail Cuba)
Our staff proposes:
  1. Refreshing drinks
  2.  Freshly-squeezed juices
  3. Cocktails
Enticing specialties await you:
  1. Caipirinha (the national cocktail)
  2. Brazilian beers
  3. Chimarrão (tea)
  4. Caldo de cana or garapa («sugar juice »)
  5. Agua de coco (coconut water)
  6. Vitamine de abacate (smoothie)