FR - ban haut Kite

Merci !

Et voila ...... caval'kite .... fermeture officielle... !!!
Merci pour ces 5 annees de bonheur ....!!!
Merci a tous pour cette belle histoire !!!
Caval'kite c'était vous, c'était nous, 

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Brazil, it’s also about flavors and aromas…
Based around a fresh, French and convivial cuisine, our Brazilian chef will take you on a culinary voyage, a pleasure for kids and adults alike.
Whether it be the day’s special or our generous and original burgers (like our famous Kite Burger) or discovering the culinary delight of LES PISCOS, our menu is sure to please.
Let the voyage begin!
African, Armenian and Portuguese traditions are at the origin of Brazilian cuisine.  In the image of the country, its cuisine has been influenced by those of its immigrants:  European, Slav, and Arab.  Rice and multi-colored beans (feijão) are the base ingredients of Brazilian cooking.  You’ll also find manioc, okra, cabbage, plantains, bananas, meat or fish, roasted or grilled.
A change of scenery and flavors is assured!