FR ban haut equitation

Merci !

Et voila ...... caval'kite .... fermeture officielle... !!!
Merci pour ces 5 annees de bonheur ....!!!
Merci a tous pour cette belle histoire !!!
Caval'kite c'était vous, c'était nous, 

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Horseback riding, a unique approach

Of course you’ll explore incredible beaches at sunset during long rides.  But Mathilde, state-certified, proposes a complete and diversified approach to equestrian activities, no matter what your age or level.

  1. Rides for all ability levels
  2. Horse Ball
  3. Obstacle jumping
  4. Pony Game
  5. Discovery lessons starting from 3 years old


Discover CAVAL’TRIP:

  • Sportive:  Rides exploring the heart of the village and its surroundings.  Lunch break on the banks of the Rio Jaguaribe, returning on the vast beaches of the Ceara coast.
  • Discovery: Departing by horse, buggy or kitesurf all the way to Rio de Piranji.  And discover the heart of local traditions like fishing and tasting fresh seafood.

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